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(694k) The decision to do yet another Mob film (Donnie Brasco)(Mr. Showbiz)

Of course, when you enter this genre, you're having to say, "This has been done. We've been around this territory, I've been around this territory myself." So, why would I want to embark on this kind of thing again? It took some time. I remember passing it over at one point years ago. What happened is, as time went on, the relevance of the piece became a little bit more in the distance. The fact that it was in 1979, I sort of appreciated that aspect. That made it a little more interesting for me and that's why I did it.

(449k) Finding something new in his Donnie Brasco character. (from Mr. Showbiz)

"I've played different cops I've played different lawyers, and they were different. I think he was as much different as that. I think the fact it existed in the same genre... I think the guy from Serpico and the guy from Sea of Love are in the same sort of world, but they're different. I think that was sort of the difference between the character I played in Donnie Brasco and the other characters I've played, say Michael Corleone and this guy. So I saw a difference."

(185k) His character in Heat

"Uh, this seems to me like a guy who's driven, and um, at the same time a complicated character I think. He seems to have a lot going on. Uh... he's torn, but he's work obsessed."

(315k) His Grandfather and Two Bits.

"My grandfather, who raised me, and was the most, and um my Grandad died before anything happened to me, any kind of success or whatever happened to me in my career, so I felt a kind of a warmth toward that character."

(216k) Al, Crook and Chase (The Insider)

"The wonderful thing about playing these roles, the opportunity to play them, you see, you get to see what it is like then, to go up against this kind of stuff. What it's like to suddenly be thrown into this kind of a world where the stakes are as high and you're dealing with this kind of a thing. It's exciting because in a way you say, finally say, well, what would I do in that situation?"

(608k) Why he doesn't like doing interviews from Larry King Live

(244k) Talking about Shakespeare


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